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skype sex toy for cat loving cam girl Quinn69

Sometimes New Skype Sex Toys Can Make A Camgirl’s Day

So there are skype sex toys (of the inanimate variety, here I’m not referring to my cam sex playmates who drive me wild on the daily) and then there are capital CS Cam Sex Toys. To those of y’all who check in here regularly, you’ll recall my post on skype sex toys from a couple weeks past on a toy I NEEDED to own. Needed as in, it would offend every cat-obsessed fiber of my being not to own it.


Kinky Kat Clive: Inappropriate Skype Sex Toy Extraordinaire

Enter Kinky Kat aka Clive of the magnificent cat ears. Yeah I toss around the word ‘magnificent’, but only when warranted, and in this case the term most definitely applies. Clive is mindblowing, full stop. Those of ya’ll who know me know that I have the most sensitive clit know to human-kind, which is great 99.99% of the time but can br tricky when it comes to choosing skype sex toys…what feels awesome to many women feels like a sandblaster to my delicate neither regions to me.  In a word, Clive the cat skype sex toy extraordinaire is all about precision. He vibrates with intense velocity but his ears provide the ability to concentrate sensation wherever one chooses to direct it, which for me is just south east of my clit. Holy FUCK I cum hard every time I let Clive join in my skype sex fun 🙂

skype sex with a purple hitachi

Along with my delightful Kinky Kat Clive I also ordered a purple (of course Hitachi) that will only be used on special occasions. Why, you ask? For real, this is a hard core skype sex toy. My clit could absolutely not handle it, so I pressed it against the bottom of my pussy and came like a fucking maniac just from that sensation along. In all seriousness, this skype  sex toy vibrates so powerfully my eyelids tickled when I teased it against my chin 🙂

I dunno how much of that my clit can take of that on a regular basis, but let it be known when I do choose to unleash my yet-to-be-named purple Hitachi it will be explosive, if prior skype sex experiments are any indication. 🙂

On that note, I’m back off to the beach since the sun is rising and a new day beckons. Hit me up on yahoo if you find the urge strikes to watch me cum like crazy and help me break in my new skype sex toy Clive.

Yes, he is that fucking good 🙂

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