Showing Off my Exhibitionist Toy


surreal 3wm

Putting on A Show: For Everyone in the Neighborhood

I love exhibitionists. Y’all are always so adventurous, so willing to push past limits, it’s so fucking fun. One of my most adventurous exhibitionist playmates puts on quite a show on skype for me- and for all his neighbors as well as he’s a big fan of open windows and outdoor play ๐Ÿ™‚ As you’ll see below, exhibitionist skype sexย always ends in laughter, orgasms, copious amounts of cum, and of course lots of webcam pics to commemorate the moments ๐Ÿ™‚

One of my favorite exhibitionist skype shows of all time occurred one weekend when he was at work and we decided he needed to take a play break, and what better way to do that than to get him naked? ๐Ÿ˜€ Of course, I was quite concerned about him getting a chill so I dressed him up in one of his colleagues work uniform (safety first of course!), and had him model it for me in the corridors of his office.

pushing limits during a skype show

During yet another call, this one running a close second in my ‘favorite funtoy moments’ in my mental collection, I stripped him naked outside on his patio and had him fuck his ass and mouth for me while he jerked off, in the middle of the day, with cars and people walking by what is a very very low fence. ๐Ÿ™‚ He performed with aplomb and so of course I granted him the pleasure of an orgasm-which we shared with the entire neighborhood ๐Ÿ™‚

My favorite thing about my exhibitionist funtoy is how expertly he takes dildos down his throat and deep in his ass. He wraps his lips around and sucks with enthusiasm before turning around and slipping it inside that tight little ass that’s just begging to be fucked.

my exhibitionist funtoy playing with anal beads and dildos on skype

See what I mean? He takes a big thick dildo in his ass like a champ, and I’d love to fuck him with my magnificent strap on Xavier and really put on a show for the neighbors. ๐Ÿ˜€ I know he’d be into it too, as while I keep pushing him we haven’t seemed to have found his limit yet. Imma keep trying ๐Ÿ˜€

Fuck, I have way too much fun on cam.

Cam Sex Couples: Jesse-Style

skype camgirl smiling on cam

Cam Sex Couples Need Not Always Be People

As those of y’all who’ve known me for way too long probably remember, back when I started out as a camgirl I was part of a duo, cam sex couples-style was really all I knew. My now husband, then fuck buddy/one-night-stand-who-never-left (potAto, potahto) was my partner in crime, and while it was fun and all at the beginning truth is I really didn’t enjoy my private sex life being scripted by others. The day the sex started feeling staged, and truth be told that occurred pretty early on, we were done. I really liked camming though, camming as a couple wasn’t fun but solo I met so many wicked people, people who to this day somehow haven’t grown horribly bored with me yet :).

Recently though I realized that I’m way back into cam sex couples sessions, only this time my partner in crime is my magnificent strap-on Xavier who’s been fucking fucking faces, tight little asses and winning hearts and minds all over the globe. While I love it the situation is somewhat hilarious to me, I never dreamt I’d be (occasionally) upstaged by a purple dildo.

Quinn69 in cam sex couples style with her purple strap on Xavierx 8wm

Truth is, before I got Xavier I never knew how much fun I could have with a cock on cam. Instead of receiving requests that ended up making intimate moments feel contrived like back in the old days, now as a cam sex couple Xavier and I are the boss(es). I make the rules, and cam sex couples-style has never been more fun. I’ve been told I always had a cock (I can be a tad bossy now and then) but turns out I can fuck like a guy too, and really fucking well at that. With Xavier vibrating against my clit I transform into Lady J, in turns sensual domination Goddess or stern Mistress to be feared as well as obeyed, and with Xavier we are, if I may say, the ultimate in cam sex couples.

As much as I adore Xavier, wielding him, touching him, enjoying the way he makes me cum so exquisitely whilst I fuck your face, I think I get almost more delight over how popular he is with y’all. I do find it hilarious that he’s become such an intensely requested part of my skype cam shows, but at the same time I think it’s awesome that finally I found a cam sex couples style of camming that works for all of us, me included.

I have to admit, back when I started as a camgirl all those many years ago I never thought I’d end up doing a 180 degree turn back into the cam sex couples arena. Life is funny that way. Now get down on your knees, part your lips and beg for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

x 4wm

To meet Xavier and I for the ultimate in cam sex couples on skype, click here to view my rates and message me on skype to check my availability.

Strap On Femdom and Fetish Webcam Sex


fetish webcam sex session with a strap on

Xavier, An Awesome Accompaniment to Fetish Webcam Sex

What is it about strap on fetish webcam sex? Before I got my strap on Xavier I honestly didn’t know what I was missing, but as soon as I received him as a gift from an awesome individual known here as D it was like he was a natural extension of me, not only of my body but of my mind as well.

Judging from the reaction I get during my fetish webcam sex shows it’s obvious y’all feel the same. Considering how popular my magnificent strap on cock Xavier is, sometimes I think he should have his own website. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m writing about Xavier here on my fetish webcam sex blog because last night I received a skype message that actually made me laugh out loud; a playmate messaged with a ‘hello Lady J, is Xavier available tonight? I must see him’. What the fuck am I, the side attraction? ๐Ÿ˜€ Truth is though, I love weilding Xavier during my fetish webcam sex shows, he’s by far the most fun toy I’ve ever owned and when I wear him I can’t keep my hands off him. The moment I slip him on an incredibly Dominant and powerful side of my personality emerges, as in ‘rawr Lady J is in tha house, bow down and pay homage’, and you fall to your knees, lips parted to take a good face fucking. ๐Ÿ™‚

skype camgirl quinn in black panties and lace stockings

Ultimately though my favorite aspect of my strap on Xavier is his versatility. ย His magnificent size makes him perfect for small penis humiliation, and he’s an excellent tutor in the fine art of cock sucker training. He adds a certain gravitas to my muscle domination webcam sex sessions, and he’s in turns sensual and menacing during my Femdom cam sessions, depending upon my whims and what my victim, erm, playmate deserves at the moment. ๐Ÿ˜€

In short, he’s awesome and he takes my fetish webcam sex shows to an entirely different level. That y’all adore him as much as I do simply means your taste in strap on cocks is as fine as your taste in nerdy independent camgirls. I have no problem sharing the spotlight with a strap on cock this divine.

Skype Sex Toys Continued


skype sex toy for cat loving cam girl Quinn69

Sometimes New Skype Sex Toys Can Make A Camgirl’s Day

So there are skype sex toys (of the inanimate variety, here I’m not referring to my cam sex playmates who drive me wild on the daily) and then there are capital CS Cam Sex Toys. To those of y’all who check in here regularly, you’ll recall my post on skype sex toys from a couple weeks past on a toy I NEEDED to own. Needed as in, it would offend every cat-obsessed fiber of my being not to own it.


Kinky Kat Clive: Inappropriate Skype Sex Toy Extraordinaire

Enter Kinky Kat aka Clive of the magnificent cat ears. Yeah I toss around the word ‘magnificent’, but only when warranted, and in this case the term most definitely applies. Clive is mindblowing, full stop. Those of ya’ll who know me know that I have the most sensitive clit know to human-kind, which is great 99.99% of the time but can br tricky when it comes to choosing skype sex toys…what feels awesome to many women feels like a sandblaster to my delicate neither regions to me. ย In a word, Clive the cat skype sex toy extraordinaire is all about precision. He vibrates with intense velocity but his ears provide the ability to concentrate sensation wherever one chooses to direct it, which for me is just south east of my clit. Holy FUCK I cum hard every time I let Clive join in my skype sex fun ๐Ÿ™‚

skype sex with a purple hitachi

Along with my delightful Kinky Kat Clive I also ordered a purple (of course Hitachi) that will only be used on special occasions. Why, you ask? For real, this is a hard core skype sex toy. My clit could absolutely not handle it, so I pressed it against the bottom of my pussy and came like a fucking maniac just from that sensation along. In all seriousness, this skype ย sex toy vibrates so powerfully my eyelids tickled when I teased it against my chin ๐Ÿ™‚

I dunno how much of that my clit can take of that on a regular basis, but let it be known when I do choose to unleash my yet-to-be-named purple Hitachi it will be explosive, if prior skype sex experiments are any indication. ๐Ÿ™‚

On that note, I’m back off to the beach since the sun is rising and a new day beckons. Hit me up on yahoo if you find the urge strikes to watch me cum like crazy and help me break in my new skype sex toy Clive.

Yes, he is that fucking good ๐Ÿ™‚

New Toys Make Skype Shows Awesome


skype camgirl smoking in booty shorts


My Latest Toy Purchase For Skype Shows

awesome pink silicone cam sex toyI really hate shopping. I detest it, loathe it, would rather read Ayn Rand than put myself through it. The oneย exceptionย to this of course is purchasing sex toys online for me to use with (and on) my ย playmates during our skype shows. Check out the wicked cam sex toy to the left that I found on my latest sex toy online shopping trip, this is a way better find than anything I could stumble upon pushing through hordes of materialists at a local clothing shop. I new as soon as I saw this toy that my playmate absolutely had to purchase it for him to use during our skype shows, and while we found a lot of fun toys during our latest venture (including but not limited to a garter belt, vibrating black lace panties and a hitachi) nothing can top this find. A vibrator shaped like a cat, how perfect is that?

While I enjoy sex toys that are fun to look at as well as use, I think wicked toys are all the more vital during skype shows, in that visuals are a huge part of the overall experience, even more so than when one’s playmate is in the same room.

I will be getting one for myself during our next shopping trip but for now Iโ€™ve been having a blast testing it out on my playful victim, and it turns out heโ€™s a big fan of it as well ๐Ÿ™‚

cat shaped sex toy for skype cam shows

Real talk, this toy is perfect for skype shows. Whomever designed it is a fucking genius.