A Delicious Webcam Sissy Dressed Up in Panties

teasing my webcam sissy on skype

A Perfect Webcam Sissy Dolled Up For My Entertainment

While I love watching beautiful men with strong lean bodies strip naked for my entertainment, even more delicious is when said men aren’t afraid to embrace their inner webcam sissy and slip into a sexy pair (or 5) of feminine panties as they show off for me. That goes double when they come with toys, I like my men with accessories πŸ˜€

josh 2

josh 1

My webcam sissy owns at least as many pairs of panties as I do (possibly more) πŸ™‚ and he loves to show off for me. I dress him up and have him slip into his cock ring as he prances around for my entertainment, until I’m ready for him to bring out his toys. My sissy fucks himself for me, with an abundance of enthusiasm and still wearing his panties of course πŸ™‚ I tease him until he’s on the brink of exploding, but it goes without saying that I always control when he comes. He’s my toy after all, and what I say goes. πŸ™‚

Aside from having such a wicked body and a playful spirit, my webcam sissy rocks because he’s not afraid to embrace his penchant for satin and lace and share it with me. He’s the perfect dress-up toy, and he knows sexy undies when he seems them πŸ™‚ For all those reasons my sissy deserves a place here on my cam sex blog.

Showing Off my Exhibitionist Toy

surreal 3wm

Putting on A Show: For Everyone in the Neighborhood

I love exhibitionists. Y’all are always so adventurous, so willing to push past limits, it’s so fucking fun. One of my most adventurous exhibitionist playmates puts on quite a show on skype for me- and for all his neighbors as well as he’s a big fan of open windows and outdoor play πŸ™‚ As you’ll see below, exhibitionist skype sexΒ always ends in laughter, orgasms, copious amounts of cum, and of course lots of webcam pics to commemorate the moments πŸ™‚

One of my favorite exhibitionist skype shows of all time occurred one weekend when he was at work and we decided he needed to take a play break, and what better way to do that than to get him naked? πŸ˜€ Of course, I was quite concerned about him getting a chill so I dressed him up in one of his colleagues work uniform (safety first of course!), and had him model it for me in the corridors of his office.

pushing limits during a skype show

During yet another call, this one running a close second in my ‘favorite funtoy moments’ in my mental collection, I stripped him naked outside on his patio and had him fuck his ass and mouth for me while he jerked off, in the middle of the day, with cars and people walking by what is a very very low fence. πŸ™‚ He performed with aplomb and so of course I granted him the pleasure of an orgasm-which we shared with the entire neighborhood πŸ™‚

My favorite thing about my exhibitionist funtoy is how expertly he takes dildos down his throat and deep in his ass. He wraps his lips around and sucks with enthusiasm before turning around and slipping it inside that tight little ass that’s just begging to be fucked.

my exhibitionist funtoy playing with anal beads and dildos on skype

See what I mean? He takes a big thick dildo in his ass like a champ, and I’d love to fuck him with my magnificent strap on Xavier and really put on a show for the neighbors. πŸ˜€ I know he’d be into it too, as while I keep pushing him we haven’t seemed to have found his limit yet. Imma keep trying πŸ˜€

Fuck, I have way too much fun on cam.

My Sissy Slut on Skype

quinn69 smoking and toying with a sissy slut on skype

Femdom Games with a Delicious Sissy Slut on SkypeTed, or Candy as he’s known when he’s all dolled up in full regalia, is a sissy slut on skype that I’ve been playing with for years, and our calls are never dull or routine. In Candy-mode she transforms into my pet, a perfect sissy plaything to boss around and tease in turns, and tonight for the first time she performed live for me on a webcam site. It was awesome, dressed in a sexy body stocking and lingerie, with full makeup and blond hair dyed pink (to match mine!) she stripped (and revealed the used condom stick stuck inside her ass, such a slut) and entertained her room on my command, as I fielded requests from the other chat room guests who were enjoying her performance. Big ups to bigbro for earning the privilege of cumming on her face ;). We cammed on skype as she streamed her webcam on the cam site, and I stripped along with her before pulling out my magnificent strap-on Mr X. Candy needs to come down to the islands; oh the things I would do to her.

sissy slut on skype sucking a black dildo picture montage

After she’d satisfied her chat room guests on my command, begging for their cum as they drained their balls, she proceeded to the shower to shave off her chest hair and write ‘Quinn69’s slut’ across her ample bosom. I like to label my property, and she was more than eager to oblige. Such an obedient toy.

I love to play games and see how far I can run with my playmate’s fantasies and desires, and it feels so fucking awesome when I encounter wicked individuals who aren’t afraid to really go there, who thrive on serving and being turned into an object for my entertainment. I adore Candy and she makes me giggle with glee every time we do a call. I love hearing her tales of her sexual escapades and more than anything, showing her off to men who wish they were as lucky as I in owning her ass.

sissy slut on skype dildoing his ass while wearing a ball gag

To Mlle Candy, you are a delicious little sissy slut on skype (and off for that matter) and I love every moment of our play together. I don’t normally go for blondes but in your case it’s just perfect and I can’t help but make an exception. Besides, no chick named ‘Candy’ could be anything other than a blonde. She looked so deliciously slutty with my name written across her bare chest as she begged for cum. Next time be careful not to lose the condom though πŸ˜›

My New Site For Independent Webcam Girls

independent webcam girls smoking on skype

Change is a Constant For Independent Webcam Girls

Like the adult industry in general, the field of independent camming changes rapidly, and while some changes have been amazingly positive, some of the changes have had the effect of significantly raising the bar to entry for webcam girls who wish to dive into this niche. Over the past year one of the most significant challenges for newly independent webcam girls has been the issue of payment processing, more specifically the costs associated with payment processing for skype cam sex shows. As frequent readers of this cam sex blog already know, payment processing has been a pretty significant focus of my posts, and up until now I’ve always suggested the newly independent webcam girls look into payment processing with Zombaio, as this IPSP (internet payment system provider) presents the lowest processing cost (at 9.99%-12.99% it’s less than the 15% charged by CCBill, Epoch et al.) without the yearly fees charged by Visa and Mastercard, which range between $1000 and $1500 USD per year depending upon provider.

Overall my experience with Zombaio has been a positive one, I’ve been well-treated by the company and received my payouts without issue, however in my visits to online adult webmaster forums I’ve discovered that my experience hasn’t been a universal one, that some account holders are experiencing significant and apparently frequent issues with overdue payments. This worries me on a number of levels, both personal and in terms of overall effect on our niche of the adult industry. The personal affect is obvious, as I have skype cam show bookings that are processing through Zombaio, but I also worry about what the stability of this company means for our niche, in that if Zombaio were to close or became an unreliable option the bar to entry for skype webcam girls would increase significantly.

The effect of a higher bar to entry for webcam girls who wish to become independent of the cam site concerns me because, well, I care about this niche. I want it to thrive, I want independent webcam girls to thrive, and I want us to be able to operate our own businesses on terms that our favorable to us. I am concerned that as options for independent processing narrow the indy listings sites gain more power in our mutual relationships, particularly in regards to payout terms and payout rates.

My Plan for My New Webcam Site

As I began investigating my own payment processing options I began to think about how I could create a plan that would benefit this niche, as well as myself as individual webcam girl, and I came up with a plan that I think and hope will raise the bar for skype webcam girl options within this niche. My plan is a listing site that offers competitive payment processing and promotion via a one-stop-shop for independent webcam model skype shows, videos and fetish clips and phone sex, and I’m incredibly excited about it. In creating this new site my aim is to incorporate and improve upon my favorite features of existing sites while simultaneously addressing what I feel are the drawbacks of those sites, all at a payout that is higher than existing options whilst still maintaining the highest frequency of payout at the lowest payout threshold.

In the initial stages my new site for independent webcam girls will offer a payout of 80% base and 85% for those camgirls who earn $100 per week or more via any of the features of the site (skype cam shows, videos and phone sex will all be included in the overall weekly earnings as calculated for payout rate). However, my business plan as I’ve devised it allows for a payout of 85% base and 90% reward payout for webcam girls who earn $100 or more, so I do expect to be raising payouts within the next few months. My reasons for starting out conservatively are twofold. Primarily I want to avoid the ‘bait and switch’ approach many sites seem to use during their initial stages, promising higher rewards only to backtrack after the site has become established and camgirls have invested time and effort in using the site, but also I hope that other sites will rise to meet my 80% base payout, which would mean that my site would help raise the bar across the niche for payouts within this niche. By then I’ll be raising payouts to 85% base. πŸ™‚

Even at my current, opening payout, the independent webcam girls who join and earn $100 per week or more will receive the payout (and frequency of payout) offered by CCBill and Epoch without the additional Visa and Mastercard fees attached to these services. At the 90% reward level I have planned, the camgirls who join and earn $100 per week or more will receive the same payout as is offered by Zombaio, with a far higher frequency and lower threshold of payout than is offered by that service. All this means that with my plan and my site independent webcam girls will be able to reap the benefits of an individual IPSP merchant account without the costs involved in setting up those accounts. This is an important aspect of my new venture, as I don’t want this to be solely a profit venture. I want this directory for independent webcam girls to give something back to the niche and to the community of camgirls who operate within this niche.

I have to say in approaching my peers with my new site concept I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I’ve been truly blown away by the support and encouragement I’ve received. Thank you so much, I really look forward to creating with this site a vibrant, active community for independent webcam girls and customers.

If you’d like to join or are interested in learning more, visit the ‘become a model’ link at LiveCamModelShows.com

A New Option for Independent Cam Models

Happy camming y’all πŸ™‚

Role Play Skype Shows With ‘Miss’ter J

smoking camgirl in silver top

‘Miss’ter J and I aren’t sure what we are to each other, but between bouts of delicious and thoroughly inappropriate sexual harassment we’ve become pretty wicked friends throughout the years, beyond our escapades during our role play skype shows.

Role Play Skype Shows Flipping the Script

The coolest thing about my skype role play sessions with Misster J is that they’re so varied. We catch up as equals, laughing and talking about life, and then inevitably at some point I can’t resist the urge I make him my naughty, naughty little slut. He dresses up for me, flirting innocently as I toy with him, until bending him over to fuck him with my magnificent Mr. X. Even better, the tables flip again and he takes control, throwing me down to fuck me hard as Misster J disappears and is replaced by J in all his Y chromosome glory. Beyond the fact that we get along so damn well, I think that variety in our role play skype shows is one of the reasons that we haven’t gotten bored with each other after all this time (and we have been parring for eons).

In this role play skype session captured here, I played a stern movie director looking for the star of my next movie. I interviewed a series of eager little sluts-to-be, each one of them more promiscuous and less dressed than the last (and each with a different hair color because ‘Miss’ter J doesn’t just go there, he throws himself into his roles). Skye the yoga instructor came first, followed by Cindi the party girl, and to my dismay each managed to stave off my lecherous advances (I am a human resources nightmare when I’m in Lady J mode) as they posed and undressed for me.

Pics removed at request

Finally came Sunny the beach bunny though, and as soon as I saw her in her little bikini I knew I wouldn’t take no for an answer. So willing, so eager to please, so deliciously slutty, it wasn’t long before I had her on her knees sucking my strap on before bending her over to fuck her from behind. Then, when Lady J was satisfied the real J appeared to return the favor. πŸ™‚

After all theses years both ‘Miss’ter J and his mild-mannered wig-less version (seriously, dude does role play dress-up like a pro with his costumes) still delight me, entertain me and make me cum really fucking hard. He personifies what the best skype sex is all about with his creativity, exhibitionistic yens and a wicked self that makes him so much fun to hang out with too. Our role play skype shows are always a treat, hope he knows that <3

skype roleplay switch camgirl getting naked in her strap on dildo

Now I gotta get Sunni the beach bunny to visit me down in paradise πŸ™‚