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Skype cam sex is always fun, but all the more so when I’m getting together with a delightful and obedient exhibitionist who I can show off all over the internet. He’s such a good toy and I simply adore him He was being exceptionally naughty today during our own skype cam sex call, so I wanted to set a new challenge for a tipsy toy. He requires alot of supervision  After we ended our skype call I sent him to a free chat site to perform for me for any and all who chose to watch him. What can I say, I taught him well and he entertained the crowds there until, as per my orders, he took one of the men from the site on a private skype call. As I write he’s on skype showing off his delectable derrier

spanking a naughty skype submissive

The day is young however, so I’m not finished with him yet. Today the first person to contact my naughty toy on yahoo will get a free show with a very naked and very eager-to-please toy who is under strict orders to open his cam for the first person to contact him.

If you want to be the lucky winner of the ‘supervise my toy’ contest contact him on yahoo through the button below:

(temporarily removed)

I’d recommend getting this naughty skype cam sex exhibitionist to slather himself with a pot of strawberry jam, he looks dashing covered in jelly


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