Skype Webcam Shows Inspire Orgasms, Not Ovations


camgirls smoking during skype webcam shows

Skype Webcam Shows Culminate With Orgasms, Not Ovations….

Because there are no ‘shows’ in skype webcams shows 🙂 I came up with this new motto in an after-glow bliss after a particularly intense skype webcam show with a playmate who led ME down a garden path into a sensual, erotic, and slightly (deliciously) twisted fantasy that left us both a little giddy and breathless. This particular playmate was new to skype webcam shows, in fact I had the honor of inaugurating him into this little corner of the webcam sex world, and I think I blew his mind slightly. I hope I did, because the favor was definitely returned in kind.

Ultimately the absence of routine is my favorite thing about skype webcam shows compared to the mainstream cam sites I used what feels like decades ago (although technically it’s been five years). I never feel like I’m ‘performing’ for someone, rather, I experience things with my playmates, co-creating something wholly organic that speaks to us at that specific moment, in a specific mood. The opposite of a ‘show’. Sure every now and then I encounter a guy who wants a ‘faster, harder, do twelve different positions for me in 10 minutes bb’, but luckily those types are few and far between amongst the guys who are drawn to skype webcam shows, and I’m a happier (and far more satisfied) camgirl because of that. 🙂

I know I typically write about fetish skype webcam shows here on my cam sex blog, but I felt this experience warranted an entry even beyond introducing my new little motto upon the world, as it really illustrates how wicked skype webcam shows can be when the bullshit parameters of the cam sites are taken out of the equation, when two people in search of something both intense and profound encounter each other and let the magic happen.

That’s what skype webcam shows are about, two people coming together to share a moment that is far hotter than any specific sex act could ever be. Ovations are for stages, full stop. Skype webcam shows are about inspiring something far more satisfying.

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