The Best Skype Cam Sex: The Garden Path

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What is Skype Cam Sex?

I’m a nerd so I analyze everything  It’s what I do. To me skype cam sex is more than just a transaction or exchange of skype ID’s and shared orgasms…to me skype cam sex at it’s best is a wholly mental and physical experience shared between two people who vibe off shared scenarios, fantasies and role play. That vibe can take a variety of forms…it can be a turn of phrase, an attire to suit a specific mood,  a well-thought out role play script that sets two minds afire, or it can be all of the above in an always unexpected and delightful (and equally debaucherous) meander down that road I term ‘the garden path’. You know what I’m talking about here, Dan


The Garden Path: Skype Cam Sex and Fetish Play

I conceptualize the garden path as a shadowed winding road that leads to unexpected delights…neither party going in knows exactly what twists and turns lie ahead but the entire point of the garden path is the unexpected. Who the hell knows where we’ll end up?  I mean, we face so many hang-ups and barriers in our ‘IRL’ lives, one of the unique joys of skype cam sex is exploring the unexpected. The point is, with skype sex you can get your freak on

I love experiencing (as well as introducing y’all to) new things, and skype cam sex really does allow me to share aspects of sexuality with the awesome peeps I wouldn’t be able to otherwise. You’re a straight man who loves wearing stockings…a staunch missionary man who craves ass play….a devout feminist who craves a dirty little slut….a hard core womanizer who’s dying to get his lips around my (exquisite) strap-on Xavier…bring it ON!!  That’s the whole damn point! Skype cam sex IS the garden path, and whatever happens there, wherever it takes us, stays there.

Skype cam sex allows us the opportunity to fulfill fantasies, to explore hidden fetishes, to ask for that which we deny ourselves. If you find that in reading this the garden path beckons, for fuck’s sake hit me up already and join me there

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Free Your Mind… and Your Ass Will Follow

-George Clinton

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