SPH Adventures: A Gorgeous Man with a Tiny Cock

camgirl quinn giggling at a tiny cock on skype
SPH Goes Best with Muscles

Today’s victim fetish focus is mah good friend M. M is a wicked human being both inside and out, and he knows he’s hot. He works out like a fiend and it shows; his body is fucking perfect. Luckily for me, he also has a penchant for tiny g-strings and pantyhose, and he loves it when I giggle hysterically at his tiny cock.

M embodies the small penis humiliation (SPH) fetish perfectly in that, truth be told, there isn’t a damn thing ‘wrong’ with any part of his body. His dick is actually pretty fucking awesome. That said, he totally gets off on me mocking it, as do I. 🙂 Throughout the years M has perfected the art of making his cock look (way) smaller than it is, and it’s nothing short of hysterical. Picture broad, strong shoulders and a rock hard torso, leading down to…the smallest pair of panties you’ve ever seen. Hell, he even manages to squeeze into a thong worn backwards.

sph screencap montage

Beyond being such wicked fun in the lingerie department, M is also one of the best dirty talkers I have ever met. For real, if porn needed voice overs he’d be famous, cuz he is NOT afraid to go there. M and I do a lot of power exchange during our cam sessions on skype, starting out with me laughing at him and forcing him to do (and suck) things he normally wouldn’t otherwise. He always makes sure that I get off too though, and I do- hard 🙂

Would I adore M even if he didn’t enjoy SPH and dress-up? Of course I would, but I’d be missing out on so much fun. Here’s to men who aren’t afraid to explore their desires, and who are wicked enough to choose to share ’em with me 🙂

A Delicious Webcam Sissy Dressed Up in Panties

teasing my webcam sissy on skype

A Perfect Webcam Sissy Dolled Up For My Entertainment

While I love watching beautiful men with strong lean bodies strip naked for my entertainment, even more delicious is when said men aren’t afraid to embrace their inner webcam sissy and slip into a sexy pair (or 5) of feminine panties as they show off for me. That goes double when they come with toys, I like my men with accessories 😀

josh 2

josh 1

My webcam sissy owns at least as many pairs of panties as I do (possibly more) 🙂 and he loves to show off for me. I dress him up and have him slip into his cock ring as he prances around for my entertainment, until I’m ready for him to bring out his toys. My sissy fucks himself for me, with an abundance of enthusiasm and still wearing his panties of course 🙂 I tease him until he’s on the brink of exploding, but it goes without saying that I always control when he comes. He’s my toy after all, and what I say goes. 🙂

Aside from having such a wicked body and a playful spirit, my webcam sissy rocks because he’s not afraid to embrace his penchant for satin and lace and share it with me. He’s the perfect dress-up toy, and he knows sexy undies when he seems them 🙂 For all those reasons my sissy deserves a place here on my cam sex blog.

Reading Model Contracts


smart camgirls read model contracts image

Model Contracts as Legal Agreements

While joining independent listing sites, cam sites and service can be a great way to acquire new clients and add value to our businesses, it’s always important to read the model contract before signing on to a new site or service, so you know ahead of time how (or if) your interests will be protected. Model contracts are more than just an outline of promises, they are legal agreements that covers both your rights and your responsibilities and what recourse you may have (or not as the case may be) if something goes wrong.

In reading model contracts a few questions to keep in mind are:

1) Who owns the site? How many employees are involved in the company? What is their track record and prior work experience?

2) In joining the site/service, do I retain ownership over my cam name and content?

3) Am I allowed to watermark my pictures and videos?

4) What is the minimum payout, and how frequently are payouts sent? what payout methods are offered?

5) Are chargebacks covered? If not, what is the site’s scrubbing system? (the system that automatically zeros in on red flags when client tries to make a payment). Are payments collected in full prior to me performing on cam?

6) What sort of content is prohibited on the site?

7) What nation forms the largest source of traffic? (you can use alexa.com to get a general breakdown on this). One US visitor is worth 100 visitors from Indonesia and Iran (for example, and no disrespect to Indonesians or Iranians, I just used those as examples because those countries can’t use most Visa/MC processing systems). Also, I know Alexa stats are outdated and generally useless, but for the ‘nation that’s the largest traffic source’ info it’s a good tool.

8) In what jurisdiction is the company located? this is important because you need to know where you stand regarding tax forms (1099’s, etc) and what legal recourse you would have if things go wrong

9) What processing system does the owner use? Is it an IPSP like CCBill or Epoch or is it a private merchant account?

Some other things to think about:

1) Is the owner responsive and patient when you ask questions? (send an email asking a question or two, to get a sense of this)

2) Is the owner open about who he/she is, and who his/her company is? Veiled references to prior experience are a warning flag absent any concrete list of projects or accomplishments.

3) What do other models who use the site/service think of it? Do their payments arrive on time and in full?

4) Is the owner open to explaining the specifics of the business plan? Does the plan appear logical and sustainable?

The camming niche is different than most other areas in the adult industry, because as models we possess a tremendous amount of agency. Speaking as both a cam girl and a site owner, sites and services need cammers far more than we need them, so never be afraid to do a little digging, ask questions, scrutinize the business plan and trust you gut. New sites and services rise and fall with alarming frequency and for the most part our industry is unregulated. That means we have to protect ourselves, and reading and understanding model contracts is a vital element of that self-protection.

Showing Off my Exhibitionist Toy


surreal 3wm

Putting on A Show: For Everyone in the Neighborhood

I love exhibitionists. Y’all are always so adventurous, so willing to push past limits, it’s so fucking fun. One of my most adventurous exhibitionist playmates puts on quite a show on skype for me- and for all his neighbors as well as he’s a big fan of open windows and outdoor play 🙂 As you’ll see below, exhibitionist skype sex always ends in laughter, orgasms, copious amounts of cum, and of course lots of webcam pics to commemorate the moments 🙂

One of my favorite exhibitionist skype shows of all time occurred one weekend when he was at work and we decided he needed to take a play break, and what better way to do that than to get him naked? 😀 Of course, I was quite concerned about him getting a chill so I dressed him up in one of his colleagues work uniform (safety first of course!), and had him model it for me in the corridors of his office.

pushing limits during a skype show

During yet another call, this one running a close second in my ‘favorite funtoy moments’ in my mental collection, I stripped him naked outside on his patio and had him fuck his ass and mouth for me while he jerked off, in the middle of the day, with cars and people walking by what is a very very low fence. 🙂 He performed with aplomb and so of course I granted him the pleasure of an orgasm-which we shared with the entire neighborhood 🙂

My favorite thing about my exhibitionist funtoy is how expertly he takes dildos down his throat and deep in his ass. He wraps his lips around and sucks with enthusiasm before turning around and slipping it inside that tight little ass that’s just begging to be fucked.

my exhibitionist funtoy playing with anal beads and dildos on skype

See what I mean? He takes a big thick dildo in his ass like a champ, and I’d love to fuck him with my magnificent strap on Xavier and really put on a show for the neighbors. 😀 I know he’d be into it too, as while I keep pushing him we haven’t seemed to have found his limit yet. Imma keep trying 😀

Fuck, I have way too much fun on cam.

Reading Booking Codes and Assessing Risk

independent camgirl with pink hair posing

Knowledge is Power: The Vital Importance of Booking Codes in Assessing Risk

I wanted to write a post about reading booking/transaction codes and assessing risk levels of new potential clients, due to some questions I’ve been receiving lately about booking declines and how to assess and mitigate chargeback (cb) risk without turning away legitimate clients.

While every processor will occasionally decline the odd legit client, for the most part declines are an indy chica’s best friend, in that they help ensure that you won’t do work you won’t get paid for.

As independent camgirls it’s vital for each of us to know how to read declines, in the interests of  both minimizing our risk and easing any fears of chargebacks that one may experience when interacting with new clients.

Declines are generally pretty rare, but when they occur they generally occur for one of the following reasons:

1) insufficient funds on the debit or credit card

2) no CCV data, which means the user has no access to the back of the
card-meaning the highest risk of cb

It’s really important for all indy cam girls to become accustomed to reading decline codes, as no matter what independent listing site you work the same codes still apply. If you receive a decline with a Transaction ID NSF 51 that means your client needs to use a new card as he’s over his limit on that card, whereas if you receive a Transaction code N7 that means he likely doesn’t have the card in hand (meaning a HUGE cb risk as there’s a good likelihood that the card data is stolen).

For those who are interested in a chart on decline codes, this: https://stats.slimcd.com/documentation/Error%20Codes_full.htm is the best I’ve found, and can really help you guide clients towards making successful payments and avoid the thieves. In all honesty if you want to do skype shows the above should be your bible.

If the decline is simply a matter of an NSF card you can ask your client to switch to another card. However, if he can’t provide a CCV number (the 3-4 digit number on the back of the credit card) tread with extreme caution, as chances are the card info is stolen and he doesn’t have access to the actual plastic held by the legit owner.


Risk Level in Not Tied to Booking Amount

Unlike many independent camgirls I’m not afraid of large sum bookings, as I’ve set my scrubbing system up to catch the losers no matter how much (or how little) they spend. If anything I’ve found that cb’s tend to be tied to lower-volume bookings, and that high-volume regs are the least likely to chargeback.


Independent Camming is Lower Risk Than Other Adult Niches

Regarding the risk of cb’s, avoiding them successfully is in large part due to a diligent scrutinizing of your bookings, but there are also a few factors that make independent camming far lower risk than other forms of adult entertainment that I’d like to explore below:

First off, please don’t stress out about cb’s too much, as indy is actually very low risk. The main reason why is that with our payment systems the funds are taken from the credit card before the show begins. With many pay per min cam sites the funds are only deducted at a later date, meaning many cb’s are actually card declines. Every now and then you’ll encounter a declined payment from a client with a ‘do not honor’ code, which simply means that the card is either closed or the client is over his limit. That’s a good thing, as an upfront decline means you won’t end up doing work you won’t get paid for like you would on a network cam site that doesn’t cover cb’s. On a site like IMLive for example, that NSF payment for a cam show would result in a cb.

Indy is also less high risk than porn membership sites, in that much of the fraud there is guys signing up with stolen cards to steal the members are material to sell on file locker sites for their own profit. Since there are tons of cam girls performing sex shows in free chat there’s no incentive for guys to use a stolen card to record a skype
show-they can get that for free already all over the net.


Main Red Flags for Indy Cam Girls

The main risk factors are female names (indicating either a stolen card or a mom/gf/wife’s card-and she WILL charge back once it’s discovered because her coward partner/son will deny it was him) and disposable email
accounts; beyond that it’s about trusting your gut and knowing how to read the booking info for each transaction notification you receive. Another successful strategy involving geo-blocking nations associated with high fraud risk. In almost 6 years as an indy camgirl I’ve had 4 cb’s worth less than $200 in total, pennies when considering my overall booking volumes. In sum, cb risk is something to pay attention to, but not stress over.

Knowledge is power, and learning how to read transaction/booking codes is a vital tool in both protecting yourself from fraud and in enjoying your new clients as you grow your own independent cam business.

Good luck out there, and happy camming 🙂