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My Latest Toy Purchase For Skype Shows

awesome pink silicone cam sex toyI really hate shopping. I detest it, loathe it, would rather read Ayn Rand than put myself through it. The one exception to this of course is purchasing sex toys online for me to use with (and on) my  playmates during our skype shows. Check out the wicked cam sex toy to the left that I found on my latest sex toy online shopping trip, this is a way better find than anything I could stumble upon pushing through hordes of materialists at a local clothing shop. I new as soon as I saw this toy that my playmate absolutely had to purchase it for him to use during our skype shows, and while we found a lot of fun toys during our latest venture (including but not limited to a garter belt, vibrating black lace panties and a hitachi) nothing can top this find. A vibrator shaped like a cat, how perfect is that?

While I enjoy sex toys that are fun to look at as well as use, I think wicked toys are all the more vital during skype shows, in that visuals are a huge part of the overall experience, even more so than when one’s playmate is in the same room.

I will be getting one for myself during our next shopping trip but for now I’ve been having a blast testing it out on my playful victim, and it turns out he’s a big fan of it as well 🙂

cat shaped sex toy for skype cam shows

Real talk, this toy is perfect for skype shows. Whomever designed it is a fucking genius.

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