How to Be a Guy Skype Camgirls Adore

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What Skype Camgirls Love: Don’t Just Not Get Banned, Be Adored!

Of course it’s our job as skype camgirls to be pleasant and professional with all our customers, but read on if you wanna be a guy we love to play with, the kind of guy we’re never too busy to see, a person we genuinely enjoy

Maybe it’s because I’ve been at this for a while and I have a type A personality, but I can spot the time wasters a mile away. They’re almost cute to me at this point, the lonely pathetic souls who use ‘tricks’ with all the subtlety of a brick to try to monopolize the time of skype and camgirls. This post isn’t for them, they’re simply not relevant.  Rather, I’m writing this for the guys who are new to independent camming and are still learning the sublime and delicious dance that occurs between independent camgirls and our customers.


What NOT to Do When Seeking a Skype Cam Sex Show

First off, don’t ‘asl’. It’s ridiculous, the internet equivalent of front-pleated acid wash jeans. Beyond that, don’t expect to delve into a long discussion about the particulars of your desires before a cam show is booked. It’s totally cool to give the rough strokes (teehee) of what you’re looking for the find out if your skype camgirl of choice can offer that sort of show, but save the script for after the booking.

Next, don’t ask for paypal. If you want to engage with the best skype camgirls on the net be prepared to use your credit card. NO legit independent cam girls offer paypal, if a girl is willing to accept it wonder why.

Don’t ask for free previews. Professional and talented skype camgirls are busy,  we’re successful and we’re not into jumping through hoops just to get a guy to book a show. If you find yourself wondering if a particular independent cam girl is legit, start by checking out her website. As a webmaster I can tell you that creating a professional website takes time and effort, and no scammer is going to go to that trouble just for the sake of scamming a few guys. Also look at the payment processors she offers. If she uses zombaio or ccbill she and her site have been vetted by the processing company, and  scammers who defraud their customers get run out of the business quickly. If she uses payment processing sites check to see if they vet their camgirls, as does which verifies their listed models. In short, does it look like she gives a damn about her presence on the web? If so, the chances of her being a fraud are incredibly slim.

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How to Be An Amazing Skype Cam Sex Playmate

Beyond that, don’t be afraid to be yourself on cam. Let us know exactly what you want and tell us when we’re doing things that turn you on. We want to give you the best experience we can on cam, but we’re not mind readers, so feedback is key to ensuring we’re both having a wicked time.

Also respect our time. Don’t hit us up for free shows just cuz we had an amazing time together in the past. I love my job but it’s still a job and I expect to get paid for it. You wouldn’t walk into a restaurant and ask for a free meal just cuz the chef loves to cook, right? It’s the same with us. Respect us and we’ll respect you, and know that guys who ask for freebies usually get the ban hammer

Last, but certainly most importantly, relax and have fun. My fav playmates on cam are the guys who aren’t afraid to laugh, who share experiences with me rather than sitting passively as they watch my ‘show’. There is no ‘show’, rather skype cam sex is about amazing interactions between two human beings. When those vibes meld it’s explosive

The above are just a few of the tips I have for those of you who are still learning the ropes of independent camming. Be the guy who makes us smile when you message us and your experiences with skype camgirls will be all the better for it. Tips are always wicked too