Skype Sex Shows with a Side of Dirty Talk

skype sex shows with sexy nude camgirl quinnSkype Sex Shows are Even Hotter With a Filthy Tongue

Probably one of my favorite things about doing skype sex shows rather than greeting my playmates on a webcam site is the skype audio feature. Sure, on the cam sites phone is always an option, but phone with cam can be a bit unwieldly in that it distracts the hands from other more orgasmic pursuits. 🙂

I’ve been thinking about that today cuz today I’ve done a series of skype sex shows with some of the finest dirty-talkers I’ve ever encountered on cam, and the aural element added something amazing to each one. There’s something incredibly hot about hearing a man moan, beg, tease, command along with seeing him, and I really appreciate (and adore) guys who aren’t afraid to really let loose and go full out with dirty talk, no matter the scenario audio adds something special to the experience. Really wicked dirty talk doesn’t come naturally to many, and I know a lot of guys (and camgirls) struggle with it a bit at first, feeling self-conscious and unsure as to whether their words are cheesy instead of hot. Let me put all that to rest right here and now, there is no such thing as cheesy dirty talk when it’s done in the context of two people diving into a skype sex shows…I mean, it’s not like the blood is all in our brains at that point anyways. Truth is,  I consider myself to be a wicked dirty talker and yet some of the things I say during my skype sex shows would make me laugh out loud if I said ’em off cam or out of bed. That’s my point; dirty talk should be stream of consciousness, it should be a little bit ridiculous.

So yeah, along with cam to cam, skype sex shows with dirty talk can transform an experience from an ‘idea’ that’s somewhat artificial into something that feels authentic and divine. I know not every guy can use audio during skype sex shows, but when you can you gotta go for it. Huge props to the guys who do go for it, and who do it so damn well. Those are the kinds of shows that make a camgirl think, ‘god damn that was hot’.

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